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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Licence Fees and Foreign Dramas

More numbers again. Not 1, Not 2, not even 3 but a whopping $111,000,000 was collected by the gahmen for TV and radio licence fees during the last financial year. See here.

This money has been used to fund 3000 hours of public service programmes, including National Day Rally and National Day broadcasts. And 8% of the money goes towards foreign movies and dramas. Hang on... 8 percent? That is $8,880,000 !!

Oh well, I guess it’s not much to carp about since those are about the only times when we don’t get public service programmes :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the morning of March 5, the Channel 8 was showing a re-run of a kids game program. At the end of the program, when the credit rolled out, the show was dated way back in Dec 2002. It even had an announcement to ask viewer to send in answers to contest by Jan 15, 2003.

The people paid for $111m and we get this kind of program on prime time Sunday morning.

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