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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Uniquely Singaporean law for Bloggers

Wif all these stoopid bloggers getting into trouble for defamation and sedition and in the process keeping the Singapore authorities busy, there is a need to discuss the nexus between law and blogosphere.

This one not very simppel ok. We must be creative and come up with a uniquely Singaporean way of helping deviant bloggers. Here goes...

I think the courts in Singapore need to set up what can be creatively called Bloggers Court. In this court, all kings of blogger related cases can be heard – defamation lah, sedition lah, bloggers who attempt impersonate other bloggers, bloggers who anyhowly revoke votes etc etc. As a rule, all these bloggers need to given access to a lawyer whose ONLY aim is to expose the annual salaries of the person suing them :) This will put a lot of bloggers at ease....

Even if the blogger is convicted of the online crime, I think the blog should not be shut down. Instead, in a uniquely Singaporean manner, we should allow the blog to continue by adding the prefix ‘New’ to the blog name. You know, 'DoubleYellow' becomes ‘The New DoubleYellow’ :)

Surely, this is a win-win situation, no? :)


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