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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thank You Mr. Newspaper

Today, one of our newspapers decided to make its readers happy by publishing only good news.

Such a charitable thought should be thanked. According to survey done by them, 89.5% of Singaporeans are happy. If that’s the case, the Happy Issue is probably meant for those 10% of people who dared to say said they were unhappy.

Anyways, I want to let our darling news media know that they need not try too hard to make me happy. They just have to keep doing what they do and it will put a smile on my face. Like publishing this letter which praises er, themselves :)

From here

Looking forward to Today

Weekend • January 28, 2006

Letter from Andy Heah

THANK you for being my constant companion in Australia where I am pursuing my undergraduate studies, and at home in Singapore where I am currently visiting.

Many thanks also to the everyday unsung heroes who have delivered the "hardcopy" version of Today to my doorstep in Bishan at 6.45am sharp, 6 days a week, rain or shine, since 2003.

Sometimes, some mysterious neighbour pinches my copy of Today if I wake up a little late, and leaves me frustrated for the morning. This has prompted me to set my alarm clock to ring at the delivery time so that I can get my copy before someone else does.

Still, I do not complain as I can get the afternoon edition of Today at the Shenton Way office where I am now an intern, or at the nearest 7-Eleven store.

I also avidly download your daily PDF version, forwarding it to my friends overseas to generate interest in the issues of the day, which may then be followed up by a blog or forum posting. In a way, your paper has been a catalyst in setting us thinking critically.

I have discovered a fondness for your Voices section, enjoying especially the articles presented in Focus on the Family, I Say, Face in the Crowd and Coffee With sub-sections. Other focus sections I have found valuable are Eat Out, News Comment, Succeed and CareersToday.

I am also heartened that you have chosen not to simply plagiarise blogger's entries like your competitor has, but instead have persuaded the doyens of the local blogging community — such as mr brown, Mr Miyagi and Izzy — to contribute articles.

This regard for bloggers, I reckon, is the envy of established papers elsewhere and the global blogosphere. Thank you and keep up the good work in the competition for eyeballs!

I never quite realized that one of our newspapers was now “the envy of established papers elsewhere and the global blogosphere”… oh well, today was meant to be a Happy Issue afterall :)


Anonymous Andy Heah said...

Well, well, good day mate!

I understand your cynicism about the happy issue of TODAY.

Look at it this way, its takes someone like me to leave home in order to understand the simplest of joys of what we have in Singapore.

Cliche? Maybe. Conventional? Possibly. Contrived? Definitely NOT!

I'd never expected my letter to be published by TODAY, and lesser so, in a special issue.

What inspired me to pen my thanks and thoughts down were the unsung heroes of the dawn, whom delivered my newspapers sharp for 6 days of the week.

However, that consistency caught my neighbour's notice, and being a freesheet, the lesser human in them decided to start pilfering my copy.

This of course led me to adjust my waking pattern in intervention, to match the freesheet's delivery time. This habit of course has it's upsides, beginning my day earlier.

Well, now that you read from your fellow blogger's response, perhaps you can begin to just accept that happiness is very much your decision and personal choice, however others choose to see it.


7:18 PM  

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