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Friday, January 13, 2006

Say Hello to Media Astrology

Our media has acquired a new skill – astrology. On Tuesday, 10 Jan 2006, the TODAY newspaper, which is run by Mediacorp, reported that the most likely candidate as the co-host for Singapore Idol 2006 is Daniel Ong.

And guess what, a couple of days later, the new co-host of the show is … [drumroll] … Daniel Ong!! The TODAY newspaper then reported (12 Jan 2006) that they had "predicted" that Daniel Ong would be the co-host.

I wouldn’t have give much thought about this forecast coz Singapore Idol sucks if it were not for the fact that Singapore Idol is shown on Channel 5, which is run by ... [drumroll] ... Mediacorp!!.

Interesting. Very interesting. Maybe we intend to become Astrology Hub soon?


Blogger mooiness said...

Maybe the separate entities within Mediacorp don't speak with each other leh???

Ah who are we kidding here!? :P

9:07 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hahaha mooiness, even if they don't speak with each other, think they should not go around saying things like they 'predicted' stuff... :)

sometimes I wonder whether the newspapers think their readers are dumb... :)

2:53 AM  

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