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Saturday, January 07, 2006

I Lurve my Gahmen Campaign

Lotsa ppl say that when the gahmen calls for the updating the electoral register and the electoral boundaries are redrawn released, elections are round the corner. These so-called Singapore politics experts are missing an important piece in the puzzle.

The National Library Board has launched a campaign (yet another testament to our campaign hub status) called the I Love My Library.

This is not an ordinary campaign. It has come about because Singaporeans have this hobby of ripping book pages, napping in the afternoons and screaming loudly on their mobile phones. But this movement needs to be seen as part of a bigger picture. Come Election Day, we do not want Singaporeans oversleeping, tearing up their voting papers and shouting inside the election booths, do we?

I suspect that the timing of this campaign is part of the larger I lurve my Gahmen strategy :)

Update: If you thought I was kidding about voter antics on election day, check this out. The Elections Canada website informs its citizens that the ballot is not a McDonalds burger :) Found via Boing Boing


Blogger Ivan Chew said...

Nope, the campaign has been in the works since 2005. Not linked to any 'Gahmen' plan as far as I know :) It's entirely a "I Love My Library" objective. Thanks for blogging about it. Hope the message gets around (about library etiquette). Cheers.

8:44 AM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hahaha ivan, i know its no linked to any gahmen plan but the timing of the front page article made my warped mind think otherwise :)

Yes, I do hope people get the message. Public education is not an easy task, even in educated Singapore.

But I am tempted to invent a robot that will go around the library and smack people who talk on their mobile phone and let their kids run around :)

4:26 AM  

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