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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The West playing catch up with the East

Visiting the west of Singapore is a surreal experience. The East of the country is considered to be more happening with better housing, restaurants, bars, pubs, chio bus :) The West on the other hand, is more heartland – not that it is a bad thing, just that it’s different. But I cannot help it leh, I get this weird feeling that the West is trying to catch up with the East.

I was passing by Clementi the other day and saw this poster near the MRT station.

Beach volleyball in the heart of Clementi? What were they thinking? Sun+Sand+Turf does NOT give you Beach Volleyball. There seems to be this rather infantile attempt to inject some ‘fun’ into the Western districts. But why? My kaakis there like it the way it is.

Hang on a sec.... beach volleyball? in Singapore? Am I missing something? How can there be beach volleyball in Singapore? Because we first need to have a beach – water body with natural waves. Like this one....

But all we have for the moment is this....

Just like the way I get this strange feeling that our gahmen is trying to remake the Western districts more like the East, I also have this bizarre sense that we are also trying to make Singapore into something it isn’t.

Instead of attempting to meticulously plan every single square meter of our future, why not let things evolve naturally? And no, we won’t disappear of the world map :)


Blogger The Void Deck said...

Hahaha all this East is better talk!

"The West is the Best". Jim Morrison can't be wrong!

7:19 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

haha VD, Singapore does not have a San Francisco to talk of, be it in the East, West, North or CBD :)

- We want to be the New York or Zurich of the East
- Our universities want to be the Harvard or MIT of the East
- etc
- etc

... will this ever stop :)

8:28 PM  

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