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Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend Sex, Annabel Chong and Roger Federer

Can someone please explain to me what is it with our media and sex on the weekend? I know The New Paper has an article on sex every other day. But since The Sunday Times and Weekend Today are more reputable, credible weekly papers, they can only do it on the weekend.

First on Nov 13, The Sunday Times runs an article about Singaporean’s favourite p0rnstar, Annabel Chong. Almost as if in retaliation, Weekend Today runs a piece called “Sex and the Singaporean” on Nov 19. Way to go! This is what media competition is all about. With media support like this, Singapore sure become sex hub one.

On cue, Singaporeans wrote to the newspaper compraining yet again about how the media should not glorify Annabel Chong. But, but, like that how can? Here we are talking about a Singaporean who made it to the world stage. I mean, we don’t have an abundance of Singaporeans who have made it this far right? And hey, she didn’t require the gahmen or any Goal 2010 campaign to get there.

The usual complaints go along the lines that she is not a good role model for youth. Oops, sorry I forgot.... all our role models MUST be people who made a million dollars even before they can read the alphabet. One letter writer who tried to write in support of the Annabel Chong article couldn’t go very far. He comes up with this ‘brilliant’ proposal....

I propose that harmless ‘deviants’ like Ms Chong be welcomed back with open arms should they return and be celebrated for their guts. We should not deny her a second chance just because of one indiscretion.

Hang on a sec, did Ms Chong ask for a second chance? Does she even care? And what she did was an indiscretion? Oh puhleez, since when did we claim moral higher ground? I think Singaporeans need to stop looking for role models based on how much money they earn or what country passport they hold. It’s about time we pay tribute to passion, strength, grit and that fighting spirit. All hail Roger Federer!

If anyone of you saw the Federer-Nalabandian clash at the Shangai Masters yesterday, you can see what it means to fight to the finish. First, Nalabandian loses the first two sets and then claws his way back to win the next two. In the final set, Nalabandian races to a 4-0 lead and then Federer begins to fight back. Clearly tired, Federer equals at 4-4 and then the game moves into the set break. Nalabandian finds a last burst of energy and wins the finals! Yes, Federer lost.... but you see, that’s not the point. It’s the ability to fight to the very end. When you are tired, down and nothing is going right for you, you don’t concede defeat and give it your best shot. Whether you win or not is secondary.

And the best part is that the prize money has nothing to do with this :)


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