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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Uniquely Singaporean gift to spot Foreign Workers

Singaporeans have a unique ability. They are able to accurately identify a foreign worker when they see one. They seem to have this psychic connection with the foreign worker. The latter does not need not fish out their passports or work permits to prove their employment status. The short-sighted Singaporean (pun intended) seems to be able to make out just from the looks.
Such a distinctive skill can be seen in one of the letters to the forum this week.

Although the letter was about red tape in our gahmen, it began like this….

About four months ago I went to Yew Tee Industrial Park. Two foreign workers approached me with a large pink plastic bag and asked me if I wanted to buy cigarettes....

The letter is so sure that the two people who approached him were foreign workers. Is it because the incident happened in an industrial park? Or is it because of the way the people were dressed? Or is it because of their er, skin color? Why couldn’t they have been Singaporeans?

It’s high time we stop spoiling the image of foreign workers here.


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