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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Singapore Media - the Funniest in the Wurl

Not being able to read the local newspapers and listen to the local news for a week has made me an unhappy person. Really!! Except for their comic sections, other country newspapers are so serious. They discuss all those sober things that liberal democracies talk about. The letters to their forum is about topics like the tax structure, world trade issues and foreign policy of their country.

No fun right?

It’s only after my staple diet of Today and The Straits Times that I laugh until I cannot get up from the fllor liao. Singapore media is definitely the funniest in the wurl. Right from the editorials to the forum letters, we can claim to have the most hilarious broadsheets. People talking about traffic on the CTE, how people cut the queues and the misplaced debate on the death penalty issue. Welcome to Singapore!!

I think hor, to counter the bad ranking we had for press freedom, we need to have a funniest newspaper ranking. And of course, we will soon find ourselves where we belong – on top of the list, at the very top. The Singapore media companies need to get together and write a book titled “How to make your reader die with laughter” and sell it for $49.99 at all leading bookstores. Do I see a ‘hub’ strategy right there? :)

Now its time to catch on lost news...


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