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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Seamlessfull Travel

Like all good Singaporeans, I decided to contribute to our neighbour's economy and driving myself towards bankruptcy by holidaying there this week. Given my financial situation, my favourite mode of transport to travel up north is the bus.

Holiday aside, our trip both ways was via the much acclaimed second link. It's a huge place but sorry to say hor, there were hardly any people there. Now I can understand why the gahmen didn't open Buangkok station.... skali become like Second Link. If you are looking for the first local white elephant, this is it. I suspect that our first international white elephant was the industrial park we built in Suzhou.

Anyways, on the trip back, I wanted to take a cab from the Second Link but cannot leh. Unlike the JB checkpoint, we have to continue our trip on the tourist bus all the way to Beach Road and then find our way home. I just can't understand such idiosyncracies. We are supposed to have seamless travel everywhere but how come Second Link so special? They think what, everyone lives within walking distance of Golden Mile issit?

I never read our 'balanced' newspaper for a few days leh. I miss it oredi. Must try not to spill my coffee when I read the forum letters. Heheh.... :)


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