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Saturday, November 12, 2005

NeWater and Objectivity in Singapore History Project

Some clever dude out there found a gaffe in our esteemed local paper. It was posted on dunno what forum but I saw this first on tomorrow.sg. Its related to a new Singapore history project by the Discovery Networks and here is pic in question....

Sir Raffles giving the local Sultan Newater for his drinking pleasure!!! With slip-up’s like this, sometimes I think the gahmen is right not to give too much freedom to our press :) Now let’s wait and see if a correction is in the papers tomm....

Since we are on the Singapore history project, the other esteemed newspaper also ran an article on it. First, why is it that the history of Singapore always starts from Sir Raffles? You mean nobody lived here before that worth mentioning issit?

Another thing I noticed in the article is the stress on the objectivity of documentary. More than half the article was spent on convincing readers that the documentary is impartial. I wonder why they went through such trouble – it’s a gahmen initiated and approved project, it must be unbiased right? Have you ever, and I mean ever, come across a gahmen accepted project to be prejudiced, skewed and one-sided? If your answer to that question is a ‘yes’, then I suggest you go and hide in the toilet and drink all the Newater you can :)


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