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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The new DARE Campaign

I dare you to slap the referee of the match for a controversial decision

I dare you to lose 4-0 to our arch rivals Malaysia

Although the Singapore soccer team and some S-League teams have been accomplishing these dares, I think these are not the kind of things our gahmen had in mind when they launched the new campaign to support the Singapore team at the upcoming SEA Games. The new crusade initiated by the Football Association of Singapore is ‘creatively’ called …. [drumroll] …. DARE!!

In other countries, people throng to their local stadiums or stay glued to the TV when their national soccer team is in action. In Singapore, you need a campaign to get the attention of Singaporeans. Singaporeans are generally free when they are not engrossed in their favourite pastime of compraining. Oh my God, what if they use this free time to read blog sites? Worse still, what if they use this free time to read opposition party manifesto? Better nip the problem in the bud – let’s have the DARE campaign.

According to the article, aiming for gold will not be easy for the Singapore team as they need the support of the entire nation. So DARE actually refers to Desperately Asking Reinforcement Exercise. Even before the competition has begun, our local media have made it clear that we have roped into the so-called ‘Group of Death’ along with Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. Does that mean we give them death or the other way round? :)

Some 5,000 T-shirts are being printed as part of the DARE campaign. Here is the best part.... if Singapore reaches the finals, you get your money back. That’s about $25. We should not be scared right? We are the best right? Right? Right? Why don’t you answer? I mean, if we are the best, then why charge for the T-shirts at all? Why not give out the T-shirts free and in case God decides to intervene and snatch gold away from us, ask Singaporeans to pay for the T-shirt? Those bad citizens who do refuse to pay up for the T-shirt will be taught what it means to run after the ball, except that the ball in this case will be their CPF money :)


Blogger Beng said...

Have been so stressed with that Nanowrimo 50,000 words writing thingy that I decided to destress at your site... :)

How DARE you ask our country team to lose only 4 goals?

12:56 AM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hahaha... u're always welcome beng :) yeah, me is very unpatriotic no? :) actually i think we hv a good chance of winning the SEA games Gold this year.... if only we stop pressuring them with all this DARE thingy....

6:45 AM  

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