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Friday, November 11, 2005

Laws Guidelines over Bus Ads

A while ago, I wrote about the various types of gahmen replies that come to the forum. One such response was the reply by LTA over ads on buses.

This is definitely not the first time but many people have been writing in about how the bus ads cover view of the outside and it’s proving to be really difficult to figure when to get off. One such typical letter....

And the reply by LTA is hilarious! Titled “Public bus ads must follow guidelines”, the letter outlines the policy governing bus ads.

Perforated stickers that allow at least 40 per cent to be seen through can be used on the side and rear windows of the bus. When used on the bus' side windows, the perforated stickers should not cover more than 25 per cent of the glass panel. The advertisements on the side windows must not block the view of commuters, who must be able to see what is outside the bus day and night. For the rear window, advertisements are allowed to fully cover the glass panel, provided that all the number plates, signs and mandatory information display (eg. speed-limit sign) are not concealed.

*Yawn* If you read the above technical details in full, I don’t blame you for feeling sleepy :) The point is this… has it every occurred to our scholarship holding officers at LTA that the problem could lie with the guidelines rather than public bus companies not following them? Oh well, I guess such dumb thoughts are beyond them :)

Oh ya, how come such things are only guidelines hor? Cannot make into legislation one issit? Can fine the bus companies if they flout the law right? Oh sorry, I forgot that by fining the transport companies their share prices will be affected and indirectly impact Singaporeans. So Singaporeans have a choice.... (1) suffer a decrease in your investment in the transport companies or (2) suffer from getting off at the wrong bus stop :)


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