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Monday, November 14, 2005

I would like to challenge the gahmen

Not me lah! You think what? I crazy issit? These were the choice of words by a letter writer to The Sunday Times yesterday. After agreeing with another letter writer that Singaporeans are crass, brash and uncouth, he ends with this....

“I would like to challenge the Government to make our country a gracious society by the middle of the next decade.”

First time I see hor, letter writer giving deadline to gahmen. In Singapore, never have like this before. But hor, this kind of thing is stupid one. Every single simple problem also run to gahmen.
My son so young have to wear glasses. I would like to challenge the gahmen to make sure that myopia is eradicated from our society by the next decade

I stepped on dog poo in my HDB void deck. I would like to challenge the gahmen to make sure that void decks are free of dog poo by end of the month

I got itchy backside. I would like to challenge the gahmen to make sure nobody in Singapore has got itchy backside my next year

Goodness, when will Singaporeans ever learn to be self-reliant? And try to think of solutions that does not involve the gahmen? About building a gracious society, it’s time Singaporeans move beyond accepting the fact that there ill-mannered people in the country. Surely we can do better than simply writing a letter to newspaper, no? :)


Blogger FixCon said...

LOL!! This is indeed very interesting. Challenge the government? Now that's something..
But hor.. LoL What can he do as a person to change the situation ah? LoL

4:47 AM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hey fixcon, i cd write a whole book on what Singaporeans can do. One thought which immediately comes to mind is this....

the next time, we are on the MRT and see a pregnant lady get in, wait for a moment ot two to see if there are any gracious ppl out there (and I believe there are), then say in the loudest voice possible - "now who would like to give this lady a seat?" :)

3:21 PM  
Blogger Beng said...

Singapore to become a gracious society by the middle of the next decade? That's a real challenge...

2:09 AM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

yeah beng, its a real challenge :) sometimes I feel that the only way Singaporeans will make an effort to be gracious if someone out there makes a ranking of "gracious countries" and we rank lower than our peers like HK and TH. Suddenly there is something to fight for...

3:06 AM  

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