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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How to Debate the Death Penalty Issue in Singapore

The death penalty debate engulfed us the last week. The Australian media seemed to have started it all when one Australian was found with drugs transiting through Changi Airport. Unlike Singapore, Australia dun have the death penalty. Some zealous Aussie figures went to the extent of calling for a boycott of Singaporean goods!

The media in Singapore, as usual, tried to keep out of this debate as much as possible. I mean, Singaporeans have better things to do than to question our death penalty laws right? :) But once it became obvious that somehow our economy could be affected the issue somehow had to be dealt with, this is what we did....

Look for a country which is looking to maintain their death penalty and run it as a front page article... tada!

Then refer to it in every other article you write about the death penalty – “while countries like Britain are grappling to reinstate their death penalty, the Australians are asking us to get rid of ours”. You know, make the Aussies look er, not very good.

The problem becomes more complicated when an appeal of another death penalty case comes up. Anyways, the much publicized murder trial of Took Leng How came up for appeal last week and well, the decision was deferred. Obviously, this has nothing to do with the previous case.... just a coincidence ok? :)

The problem becomes really thorny when one of our opposition non-ruling party politicians goes and comprains to the Australian media about Singapore. Now that is BIG no-no. You will immediately be branded as ‘undermining’ Singapore.

All compraints about Singapore have to be done through the local media. I mean, this is our favorite pastime. We dun want people teaching the Australian media how to comprain about their country. Then how to retain our number 1 position as ‘comprain hub’ of the region?

For now, I think SIA can say goodbye to its hopes of flying the transatlantic route.


Blogger mooiness said...

Wah lau - I did not see the connections until now! I didn't know there was such a sinister machinations going on behind the scenes. Bravo. :P

Btw, ignore those stupid pleas to boycott Singaporean goods. The same idiots said the same thing about boycotting Indonesia and especially Bali and look at what happen - more Aussies got arrested there, which means more are still going there despite the calls for boycott! :P

7:36 AM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

yeah mooiness, the 'connections'only come together when one reads a week's load of local newspaper in one sitting :)

abt the boycott, u're right - its a lot of hoohaa :) but the media, they lurve this kinda stuff :p

8:01 AM  

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