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Friday, November 18, 2005

Apology to Australia

Our media surely knows how to downplay a story. We do it with such art - needless to say, we should become the new 'downplay' hub of the world. As you probably oredi know, we have had to apologise to Australia for the goof-up over the release of the hanging date for the OZ drug trafficker.

The Today newspaper although highlighted the apology but on page 3. And whats on page 1?.... [drumroll].... "Blair admits: The wife's been making money off my job". Since when were Singaporeans interested in the wife of Tony Blair siphoning $$?? :)

The Straits Times did it even more succintly. In an article titled, "PM: 2 reasons for S'pore's firm stand on drugs", the apology was somewhere mixed into the report. Moreover, this report appeared on page 4 - they dunno it's unlucky meh? :)

I think our newspapers forgot to add the important positive spin, a skill that they have mastered. This incident has boosted the Singapore economy. A new job opening has been created in the civil service. Yay, everyone hail the Spore Express :)


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