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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Accused access to Lawyers - A Win-Win situation

Singapore does not follow the Western model is many ways. One of course is the role of the media. Second is the role of the union. And the third which has been making the rounds recently is the immediate access to an accused by his/her lawyer.

Our gahmen has used the tried and tested rationale of "dont tweak what is not broken". For them, lawyers can subvert the police investigations. Why ah? Our lawyers not honest one issit? Or is it the case where our police not efficient one issit? Giving the accused access to his/her lawyer immediately might increase the workload on the police but hey, it will only make them more efficient, no?

Anyways, our ST Interactive decided to run a poll on this and guess what.... out of a total of 536 votes polled, an overwhelming 91 percent said yes to access to a lawyer and a measly 9 percent said no. Hello, gahmen, you there? I think hor, the only way for gahmen to get around this 'problem' is to get the lawyer to sign a document that says that,

.... according to the police, if you are found impeding the investigation, you can be fined a gazillion dollars, thrown in jail for a gazillion years, caned a gazillion times and publicly shamed in a gazillion newspapers. You will also not be allowed to enter the casino and get a subsidised HDB flat. You will not be entitled to any baby bonus and senior citizen concessions on public transport. Oh, and you wont have immediate access to a lawyer....

This situation is what we call in Singapore, win-win.


Blogger mooiness said...

Bwahahah....funny shit. :)

It's a vicious circle...sort of. And threatening lawyers with a "waiver" like that, is just gonna make them even more timid than they already might be. :)

8:49 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hey mooiness, vicious circle it is :) i think the law society here is pushing for allowing immediate access to the accused. it'll be interesting to see how far they get... but dont think i'll get my hopes up too much, think we oredi know who is more powderful :p

10:16 PM  

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