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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Singapore’s Amazing Race: The 50m Dash

I think Singaporeans are the world’s best when it comes to the 50m dash. No kidding, there is race that takes place every weekday.

Venue: Jurong, City Hall, Raffles Place and Tanah Merah MRT stations
Time: 6AM – midnight
Cost: FREE!

The race starts when there one train just enters the station and there happens to be another train in the adjacent platform.

On your marks
Get Set
Go, go, go !!!

As soon as your carriage door opens, you make a dash to any open train door on the other side. If you manage to get in, you have qualified for the Premiership League. If you manage to get in and find a place to sit down, you can participate in the Champions League.

Singaporeans take this race very seriously. Their determination to reach their destination is amazing. They get very annoyed when anyone comes in their way during the way. Even if it happens to be pregnant lady, a disabled person or a school kid.

As we all know, Singaporeans don’t like losing, the kiasu syndrome as it is commonly known. So if the train doors close before they get in, they wait on the platform for the next train to roll in. As soon as the doors open, they block the way of other fellow Singaporeans taking part in the race. It's all about survival of the fittest....

So as you can see, there is a lot of dynamics and uncertainty in these races. Can probably make a reality show out of this – Singapore’s Amazing Race: The 50m Dash. This running practice by Singaporeans will be paying off in the near future. Very soon we will be able to call ourselves the 50m hub.

I think the sports authorities need to sit up and take notice of this nascent talent. It needs to be nourished. We sure win the SEA Games gold.


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Dude, I LOVE your blog. I just tomorrowed this blog post - hope you don't mind. :)

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hey pleinlune, thanx. Much appreciated :)

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didn't seem to have gone through the first time. will try again!

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