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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Singapore ranked 54th on Livability Rankings

We are supposed to be best in everything we do. Or are we? I read the news article over and over again but it looked like there was no error. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EUI) came out with its livability rankings and we were ranked …. [drumroll] …. a whopping 54th out of 127 countries !!!!

The top 10 countries on the list were Vancouver, Melbourne, Vienna, Geneva, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Zurich, Toronto and Calgary in that order. Tokyo was 16th and Auckland, Osaka and Wellington were 20th. Surprise, Surprise, Hong Kong, our arch rivals, was 41st.

According the EUI survey, the livability ranking,

part of the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, assesses living conditions in 127 cities around the world by looking at nearly 40 individual indicators grouped into five categories: stability; healthcare; culture and environment; education; and infrastructure.

If these are the markers used, how come we are 54th?

Stability in Singapore is surely the best in the world. We reprimand students for posting bad but possibly accurate things about teachers on their blogs – for fear that if such things are not contained, they will snowball out of control. With all the high-tech equipment and rising hospital prices, healthcare in Singapore must also be the best in the world.

Our environment is the greenest in the world. For heavens sake, we even paint some HDB blocks green. We are the best when it comes to racing on train platforms and cutting lanes on the expressway. So we should have scored really high on culture.

Going simply by the weight of our school kid’s bag, we should be in the top 5 on the education scale. Include all the overseas expertise we use to build our universities, we should be numero uno. We have the best airport, transportation system, information technology stuff – surely one of the best in the world.

I think we should dispute these rankings by EUI. We should give the staff of EUI a free subscription to our local newspapers. That way, they will know that we live in paradise and most of us have already attained nirvana.


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