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Monday, October 24, 2005

Press Freedom Index – Achieving the Impossible

From 147th to 140th! Yeah baby, we have achieved the near impossible. We managed to jump seven places in the press freedom index put out by Reporters Sans Frontieres. Well, the local media can now blow their trumpet because that they surpassed analysts’ expectations. Yeah, everyone thought that North Korea would surely get ahead of us :)

We should also be very proud that we are still probably the only first world country to rub shoulders with third world giants like China and show regional solidarity with Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. But for those of you who fear that we might be left behind, don’t you worry. Because hor, at this rate (7 places every year) we will be numero uno, number 1, pertama in .... [drumroll] .... 20 years time!!! Don’t be surprised if our gahmen initiates a Goal 2025 campaign so that everyone will forget Goal 2010 very soon :)

Our local media supposedly “have quite different style”. How like dat? Ask the media in North Korea and Myanmar, they also say they got different style one. Also, the newspaper report was probably a bit too quick to point out that the rankings “should in no way be taken as an indication of the quality of the press in the countries concerned”. Yeah, why should it? Just because North Korea and Myanmar are behind us in the rankings does not mean their press standards are worse than ours, koray or not? :)


Blogger Beng said...

Hmm... do you think Singapore's ranking has anything to do with the unique situation that there's only one newspaper company (and a very obedient one) in the country?

7:43 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hey beng, technically singapore has got two newspaper companies :)

our ranking may hv been due to the unique situation that you said but if thats the case, then there is problem with the ranking... i do understand the need for our media to hv some amount of 'nation-building' responsibility (after all, singapore is just 40 yrs old). hence the ranking shd take into account this variable. of course, i am doubtful if that will catapult us to the top of the list but i doubt if we 'deserve' languishing at 140th...

8:09 PM  

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