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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

On Scripts and the new James Bond

Sometime last week....

Someone: Do you know how to write a script?
Me: Er, never written one in my life but I can try lor
Someone: This one very big project noe....
Me: Like the gahmen say, I am committed to retraining myself so as to keep myself employed
Someone: Whatever.... in what language can you write the script?
Me: Er, English I suppose. My French vocabulary is limited to "Voulez vous cousher avec moi? Ce soir!"
Someone: *incredulous look*
Me: What?
Someone: Er, I’m talking about writing a script in Java.
Me: Hey sure, I can go to Indonesia and write a script.
Someone: Ok, you are now officially certified to be a non-geek.
Me: Ah, didn’t realize I would give up my previous incarnation this soon.

Talking about scripts, the new James Bond has been announced. Some blue-eyed dork called Daniel Craig. Someone decided to ask Singapore media personalities on what they think about the new James Bond. Probably they could not get an interview with the new guy

Vernon A, true to his voice, is an ardent James Bond fan. But I like Royston Tan's take the best....

I have always hated the Bond movies. They are outdated, sexist films that try very, very hard. If I were to suggest an actor to play the new James Bond, I would nominate Stephen Chow. I think he would give a new twist to a very tired genre.

Stephen Chow noe. Dun pray pray ok....


Blogger Pandora said...

i am tickled by Roystan Tan's comments too. I also quoted him in my blog! FYI, Stephen Chow did impersonate 007 in 1 of his bad movies before... think the title in chinese sounds like "Made In China 007"

9:04 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hey pandora, "made in china007"? hvnt see one. But now i can see why Roystan Tan may hv suggested Stephen Chow. He oredi hv experience, then no need to retrain him, unlike Daniel Craig :) heheh....

sorry ah, a Singaporean director of 007 will most certainly think like this :)

2:51 AM  

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