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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Introducing Singapore’s Unattended-Bags-Threat Police

A brilliant person out there has discovered a casual causal connection between a Singaporean bad habit and the fear of terrorist bombings. We are really more susceptible that we thought.... *shiver*

This esteemed person, whose intentions I am sure is good, went to a KFC outlet and saw that people were chopping seats with their bags. Chances are that he/she did not get a place to sit. At that very instant, all the education imparted to him/her comes together and generates an out-of-the-box brainwave. Terrorists, not thieves but terrorists, can take advantage of this bad habit by Singaporeans.

He/she then makes a bold move to write to our well-respected local newspaper about this idea and the forum editor makes an even bolder move by publishing it.

So similar to Singapore’s public nuisance police, let us introduce the spanking new Singapore’s unattended-bags-threat police. These highly trained personnel will hang out in hawker centers, food courts and fast food outlets and keep a lookout for people who leave their bags unattended. If you leave your bag on a seat and walk to the stall even 5m away to get your food, you can be charged. The bags with all its contents will be confiscated. And the seat will be given to the well deserving bags-free patron. Yay, Singapore plugs yet another loophole in its anti-terrorism strategy thanks to a concerned citizen and of course, our local broadsheet that published the letter... *clap*clap*

Oh ya, the next time you want to chop seat, use a tissue packet ... until someone else writes to the local newspaper about how the packet of tissue could actually be a terrorist bomb in disguise.


Blogger Beng said...

No tissue paper too. I remember some time ago, one foreigner complained to me about tissue papers being used to reserve seats in the Golden Shoe Carpark food center.

Seems like we'll need go for our meals in pairs so that we can place a living human being on the seat then...

8:28 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hahaha beng, like that can set up dating agency outside every hawker centre and food court hor? :)

8:43 PM  

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