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Friday, October 07, 2005

BBC is Objective meh?

Whenever anyone stands up and says there are objective, fair and balanced, you can be rest assured that they are not. Its one of those ironical statements in life. A senior BBC staff has just made this claim.

In my previous incarnation, I used to think that CNN was the best thing that happened to mankind since the discovery of the atom. Then came the second Iraq war. Judging the pathetic way of how CNN handled that event, I swore that CNN was helluva partial TV channel. In my rather utopian quest for some 'objective' news, I turned to the BBC. I was initially impressed and then the London bombings took place. When there was a crisis at 'home', they flinched from the so-called fair-and-balanced reporting of the terrorist atacks.

Every single news media has a bias. On one hand, it could favor the state, nation-building or a particular poltical party. On the other hand, it could support a particular form of democracy, freedom of speech and human rights. Whichever the case, it is a bias. Whether it is trusted or not depends on the position of YOU, the viewer. Whether you support nation-building, a particular political party, an individual form of democracy, a specific notion of human rights or a unique conception of freedom of speech will determine on whether you think a particular news media is prejudiced or not.


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