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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Something in the Posters

You can talk about it, you can read about it, you can write about it, even make a movie about it. But you cannot print a poster about it. Welcome to the state of lesbianism in Singapore.

I think hor, the gahmen must have conducted some high-tech research that is secret from the whole world. If you see a still picture for too long, there will be biological changes in your body that will make you take on the character in the picture. For reasons better known to the gahmen, such changes do not occur when you see movies.

Really, this must be true. We can see all the sex and sleaze we want on cable television but we cannot see the pics in an adult magazine. All that sex and sleaze on TV did not cause our birth rates to shoot up. But if we allowed Playboy to be sold in Singapore, then there would be baby boom. So many babies that we may need to stop all non-urgent surgery in hospitals and quarantine dengue patients in some container.

Of course, all these results are limited to the realm of sex because there reverse seems to hold true when it comes to politics. Here, one can stare at as many pictures of political figures for how ever long they want. But making political party films is banned here. And yet we have an apolitical populace. One more sphere that is unaffected is horror. If not, all of us should have turned into hungry ghosts by now :)


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