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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Singapore’s National Animal – White Elephant

Off late, Singaporeans have discovered a new way to give feedback to the gahmen. It’s through pitchers of white elephants. Recently hor, when a good minister was touring visiting the area around Buangkok station, someone had put up pitchers of white elephants outside the station to tell the gahmen something they oredi know :)

I think we need to leverage on this new form of communication. We could go around putting pitchers of white elephants in Sentosa and Haw Par Villa and at the same time keeping some in reserve for the two new casinos. But before doing such things, we need to start at home. Some good places to hang white elephant pitchers will be on your gym gear, vacuum cleaner and massage chair.

We should also start putting cash in white elephant packets (dun worry lah, not against the law one) and pay....

- the doctor who can never seem to prescribe medicine less than $50
- the lawyer who always makes more money for himself than for you
- the housing agent who is more interested in the commission
- the car mechanic who always finds something or the other to replace
- the stock broker who can never give you a bumper stock to buy
- the plumber who replaces your entire sink for every clog

The gahmen should take the lead in this initiative and come up with a white elephant paper. Forget squirrel, we should make the majestic white elephant our national animal. Most importantly hor, this white elephant initiative will ensure that none of our men-in-white gahmen minister can become overweight! koray or not? :)

P.S: I am sure many of you are already working on a new white elephant pitcher to put on your boss’ desk. One piece of advice – remember not to leave it around in the house and let your wife find it and think it’s for her. If that happens, you will be nursing a black eye and groin pain like me :(


Blogger Beng said...

We all know that the Men-next-door has been trying to imitate our MIWs all these years. This time round, they're determined to build a white elephant that'll win us for sure... presenting... THE bridge!

"I hope and pray that I'll survive long enough to see the bridge," said the 78-year-old-yes-still-alive man next door.

6:50 AM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

haha beng, you are so right !! :) The bridge is going to be one BIG white elephant. We shd think abt giving advice to our neighbors-up-north on how to build white elephants and charge them HUGE consultation fees :p

8:57 AM  

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