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Monday, September 26, 2005

Singapore Heartland in Texas?

Woodlands Rita

I looked and looked for anything that may seem remotely familiar in the pitcher but cannot find leh. I must be able to spot the MRT or the library. But nope, I really could not place the location. The caption (in the The Straits Times, 24 Sep 05) clearly said that

"Woodlands residents waving to cars north-bound on Interstate 45 during the evacuation ahead of Hurricane Rita"

There were many things that didn't seem right....

1. Woodlands oredi in the north, so north-bound means what ??? going Malaysia is it?
2. But Singapore and Malaysia both dun have Interstate 45 what...
3. Hurricane Rita in Southeast Asia? According to the list of hurricane names here, we should not be using Rita.

I could not figure it out till my kaaki tell me that may be U.S. got one city called Woodlands. I was like... oh ya hor, like dat also can. So I decided to check it out and indeed there is a
Woodlands in Texas. And no, its not a Singapore heartland :)

Maybe our media really expected all Singaporeans to know that there was a city called Woodlands in the U.S. and I am the bodoh.... :)


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