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Monday, September 19, 2005

Older Workers Transfer Knowledge meh?

There is an ad on the MRT nowadays about how older workers can acquire new skills and remain employable. While the campaign may be a good thing, one of the ads quotes an older saying this....

(My apologies for the shaky photograph. Not my fault leh, the train nowadays shake a lot one. It says… What I learn, I pass on to my juniors so that they can learn at their age what I know at my age)

Got such thing one meh? All the older workers I know are very very very …. very ….v..e..r..y hesitant to teach the younger workers what they know. There is a mentality among most older workers that if they transfer their knowledge to the younger ones, they become dispensable. And during the next retrenchment exercise, they will be the first to go.

And why not? It makes logical sense doesn’t it? Why should the older worker be the only one retraining like crazy? The newbie will no doubt be able to do the same job at a much cheaper salary. All the older workers I have met or spoken to, all try to carve out their niches in the company. They are of course, very diligent in their jobs but try their very best to keep the tricks of their trade a secret. Ask them to document what they are doing and you will see lots of foot-dragging.

Hence I don’t really understand the point of the ad…. but am sure our scholarship-holding civil servants must have a theory about this that will put Derrida to shame :)


Blogger Beng said...

*sigh...* can't blame these old guys, Dude. It's really pretty hard for them to find a decent job if the boss decided to cut cost and employ younger ones. Then they'll have to become HCC (helper, cleaner, counter staff) :P

7:01 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hey beng, i totally agree with you. Cannot blame the older workers. They do what all of us would do in their position...

... and its precisely why I cannot understand the point of the ad.

2:16 AM  

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