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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Getting Feverish about Dengue

Singaporeans seem to be getting all worked up about dengue fever these days. The number of deaths due to dengue is up and this does not reflect well on the statistics needed to make Singapore a healthy hub. Despite a prevention program in place, why a sudden rise in dengue fever cases? This was exactly the question posed by the media to Singaporeans not too long ago. The answer of course, could never lie in flawed prevention campaign. It had to be something that the gahmen could not control – like as the media has suggested, rising temperature.

I think the gahmen needs to have a more comprehensive “war on dengue” campaign. They need to give all households a kit that contains....

- a torch (wif batteries of course) so that we can all look for the mosquito in those hard-to-reach places
- a pitcher of how the dengue-causing Aedes mosquito looks like
- a magnifying glass so that we can ensure that the mosquito we kill is really the Aedes
- many coupons to subsidize aircon bills so that we can keep our homes cool
- a form to enter into a contest for the highest number of Aedes mosquitoes killed
- the prize being a trip to a cold country with no mosquitoes

While I eagerly wait for this free kit in the mail, I have decided to launch my own anti-dengue initiative. To ensure that water does not stagnate....

- swim at least twice a week in the local community swimming pool
- go to the beach in Sentosa and East Coast every other day and throw stones in the water (these so-called beaches dun have waves one)
- Shake the water cooler in your office everyday
- Use a different toilet cubicle in your office washroom every time

I think the gahmen must be proud of my effort. All those years of teaching me how to be creative is finally paying off :)

P.S: I know that the attempt to get rid of dengue in Singapore is a serious one but hey, nobody said we need to have a deadpan approach :)


Blogger mooiness said...

Re: contest for killing the most Aedes mosquitoes ... cannot lah. Imagine ppl breeding them intentionally to kill them. Wahahah! Chinese ppl are like that one. :P

3:21 AM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

haha mooiness, didn't really think abt :) But if thats the case, mebbe we can create a new dead-Aedes-mosquito manufacturing plant here that will employ countless people and become the next pillar of our economy :p

5:48 AM  
Blogger trisha said...

You are funny!

But seriously, Mr Khaw Boon Wan just went on air today to dismiss the dengue problem as being a tough one. He waved his hand in a bo-chap way, and told the reporter "getting rid of mosquitoes is not a big problem" (or something like that).

If it's so easy, why do we need to spend so much $$ on it? And what do you tell those people at Tan Tock Seng awaiting their 'non-emergency surgeries' whose queue number just got thrown out because they have to make way for dengue patients?

9:48 AM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hehe trisha, thanx :)

can u remember the last time our gahmen said that something was not easy? general election coming soon summore :p

5:25 PM  

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