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Sunday, September 11, 2005

CSI: Singapore

Singapore’s ambition to become the Las Vegas of the East just got a boost. While the gahmen readies the casinos that will bring in the glitz and sleaze, couple of recent gruesome body-parts murders I think qualifies the producers to Crime Scene Investigation to consider a Singapore version.

Will such a series be a success? Of course…. our darling media will ensure that the series is a hit among Singaporeans even before the first scene is shot (pun unintended). This is an opportunity not to be missed. We could become the crime scene hub of the region. Riding on the already successful first season, we could also have a CSI: Sentosa. Possibly even a CSI: Pulau Tekong that will feature soldier deaths during NS.

To write the plots of CSI: Singapore will not require foreign talent. We have many over- qualified people over at The New Paper who know very well how to blend sex and murder in an explicit manner. But I am not very sure of the actors leh.... none of the local artistes can match Gill Grissom. As always, we could have a SMS contest that will involve all of Singapore to choose the lead actor.

All hail CSI: Singapore!


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