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Friday, September 30, 2005

Big, Bigger and Biggest Brudder

“The Big Brudder is always watching us” is a fairly common saying in Singapore. But unknown to most, there is a Bigger Brudder.

When people began to throw themselves in front of MRT trains to end their misery, the authorities decided to install CCTVs (the Big Brudder) in all the stations to ‘monitor’ activity. After some hiccups, the Big Brudder finally got functioning.

"You are being watched by Big Brudder for your own good."

That was the tagline used and soon after the number of people who like to jump in front of moving trains dropped dramatically. Suddenly everybody was happier. Until the day came when one guy lost his laptop at the train station and lost it. Everyone turned to the Big Brudder for help but was told that Big Brudder may have been looking the other way.

And in the process, it has now been revealed that there may be another CCTV system (Bigger Brudder) which monitors the MRT stations and the train staffs don’t have access to this footage. This Bigger Brudder is there to ensure that the Big Brudder does its job.

This incident will fade away and everyone will again be happy that Bigger Brudder is watching both Big Brudder and us. Now I wonder.... could there be a Biggest Brudder? :)


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