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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Womad Singapore 2005

I was at Womad Singapore 2005 on Saturday and although not my first time to Womad, it was an amazing experience! Worth every cent or to put in a uniquely Singaporean way, valew for maaney :)

When we reached there around seven, there was long snaking queue outside the entrance – one to buy tickets and another just to get in. Donch know whether VIP got another entrance, small fry like me use the normal one....

The show by Bill Cobham, the master drummer, had oredi started by the time we entered. Sorry, couldn’t get a better shot of the guy. But this dude was fantastic! The music by his dexterous fingers was awesome! Managed to also catch a puppeteer show from Sri Lanka during the break.

Next up was this terrific Algerian guy, Akim El Sikameya. His songs were filled with percussion beats. He also has a unique way of playing the violin (the head was resting on his thigh !!). The main performance was Apache Indian. They were ok – they did the usual promo of their new album and the typical stunt of coming back for one last song after saying goodnight.

But by far the best performance of the night was by this Sri Lankan group, Ravibhandu Vidyapathy and Ensemble. Using some really unique musical instruments, these guys stole the show with some astonishing percussion numbers. Nearly an hour of marvelous music.

All the performers left their mark on the thousands who turned up but the spectators also ensured that everyone knew that they were at Womad – despite bins everywhere, there was tons of litter.

Anyways, it’s a three day festival and I just managed to go there on just one day (no $$ lah). The festival closes today (Sun), so if you want to catch some good world music, this is your last chance. My full flickr set is here

P.S: Oh and there is a lot of scenery around too, if you get what I mean :)


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