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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Save $$ the Uniquely Singaporean Way

The per capita income of Singaporeans is super-duper high- I dunno the exact number lah. Trust me, most Singaporeans dunno. Then how I know its so high? Because the gahmen tells us so :) Anyways, its enuf for most of us to have a roof over our heads. Most people stay in HDB’s and a small fraction in landed property. But the people who stay in condos - they have facilities like pool lah, gym lah, tennis court lah.

The other day I was at my friend’s condo and we were by the pool. One mid 30’s chappy, (clad in shorts, T-shirt and had a towel thrown on his shoulder and was carrying a basket full of soap, shampoo, conditioner etc) walked past and decided to chat with an ah kong who was sitting a coupla places from us. Here is an excerpt of the loud conversation that transpired….

Ah Kong: Hello, how you doing?
Chappy: Ok uncle… vely busy
Ah Kong: But naw bad huh? You still gaw time to swim....
Chappy: Me swim? [laughs] Where gaw uncle? Where gaw time....?
Ah Kong: I see you carry that basket everyday and walk towards the shower, so I thought....you jog right? tennis?
Chappy: uncle, I come down here to shower only….
Ah Kong: For what? Your house cannot shower issit?
Chappy: Shower down here can save water what....

I almost choked on my drink when I head this....

Ah Kong: like dat can huh?
Chappy [sermon begins]: Uncle, we stay here wat. We must make use of the common facilities right? So I shower here lor… other ppl also do one what. I not the only one. You got go to the study room or not? So many chewren doing homework there. Because there gaw free aircon, can save on light some more. The TV room gaw free TV also.
Ah Kong: the condo management how?
Chappy: aiyah uncle, how they know? I do this from the time I moved here what…. they know also no problem wat?

My friend later commented that maintenance costs have been going up and now I can see why. Give the chappy a plug point and he might prob move his whole kitchen there. Introducing.......[drumroll]........ the uniquely Singaporean way of saving $$ ....... "How to Save on your PUB bill so that you can afford your next Slimming Session" or "How to Save on your PUB bill so that you can afford some extra 4D tickets"


Anonymous Jay said...

wah... smart. but if maintenance costs goes up.. that chap has to pay also right?

5:46 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

heheh jay, true but the increase i guess will shared among the 300+ units living there... i dunno lah, the chappy is strange, i dunno whether he can think logically or not :)

8:32 PM  
Blogger FixCon said...

The truth is.. he's actually thinking logically.. isn't that the stereotypes of SIngaporean's way of thinking? Can save then MUST save. LoL

10:48 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hey fixcon, yeah...this guy seems to be smart because of his'saving' prowess, but like jay said, if he goes around gloating to everybody, then his 'plan' becomes diluted and hence he is not so smart, correct? :p

11:03 PM  

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