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Friday, August 05, 2005

(Re)making Singapore into an Elections Hub

Competition in Singapore is a funny thing hor. In the economic realm, Singapore is known to be one of the more open economies of the world. Yet in some sectors (which the gahmen determines as key), competition is....umm....limited. Whatever nature the competition takes, it will ensure Singapore remains a hub – from traditional Chinese medicine to bar-top dancing. I think hor, we should aim to achieve this ‘hub’ status in the political sphere too. No lah…not by having draconian laws like the media should give similar coverage to all political parties. Such ‘unhealthy’ competition will lead to your house breaking down, your CPF breaking down, your car breaking down, your family breaking down, communities breaking down, the whole society breaking down and eventually Singapore breaking down – similar to the communist domino effect :)

To turn Singapore into an elections hub, I think we need to leverage on the upcoming Presidential election. First, we need to set up a charity so that Singaporeans can donate towards setting up a company with a paid-up capital of over…say, $100 million. This is not as daunting as it seems… just get a big bag of kachang puteh from a mama shop and that should suffice. :) Then we need to choose a person who can head this company (no, not Phua Chu Kang!). Then get this dude to run for President.

Second, I think Singapore’s credibility and prestige as an Elections hub will be boosted if we can hold the General Elections on the same day as the Presidential election. Think about it… instead of having two public holidays (which would greatly reduce Singapore’s productivity, hence reduce efficiency, hence reduce GDP, hence reduce economy, hence leading to your house breaking down, your CPF breaking down, your car breaking down, your family breaking down etc etc), we should hold both elections on the same day. This will be a first for Singapore, first for the region, first for Asia…heck, even first for the world. And as you oredi know, Singapore likes firsts :)

In time to come, we could even hold elections of other countries in Singapore. Think about the increased number of air travelers coming to Singapore to vote for their leaders. Think about the hotel stays of these people. SIA flights will be fully booked. Hotel 81 will be packed. We could even give our expert political advice to these novice voters – for a fee, of course. Trust me, this hub strategy has the potential to put Singapore on the world electoral map.

P.S: Our beloved local media initially thought they had had a scoop by telling everyone that the fact that one good minister was retiring around this time, he would run for President. But the moment our existing President announced that he would run for another term, the good minister’s name was never brought up in the media again? Why har? :p

P.P.S: On a more serious note, I think our current President is a good man and hope that he will remain as President for the next term.


Anonymous Ted said...

Not only a good man maketh a good president

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