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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dissecting the PM’s National Day Message

On 8 Aug 2005, our PM gave his National Day Message. In true political style, the speech was filled with a lot of “we” and very less of “I”. Where “I” was used, it was in the phrases… “I know…”, “I believe…” and “I am confident….” There was obviously emphasis on the economy and allegedly some nice numbers about the GDP and jobs were mentioned. These numbers are very important you know….4D sure strike wan… :)

Needless to say, old buzzwords like “hub” were present and there seems to be a new gahmen catchphrase – X-factor. London, Paris, New York and Shanghai all seem to have some sort of X-factor without they knowing about it. Only our gahmen can see it and somehow this mysterious X-factor eludes us. I think X-factor is one of those powderful things that means er… nothing. It’s because of X-factor that the gahmen is allowing bar top dancing, building casinos, rebranding Marina Bay as Marina Bay, introducing evening ERP on CTE and maybe also redrawing electoral boundaries shortly :)

Anyways, back to the National Day message. It seems like a lot is expected from Singaporeans in the coming years. I counted a whopping 12 uses of the word “MUST”….

we MUST remain vigilant
we MUST be psychologically prepared
we MUST continue to reinvent ourselves
we MUST also continue growing our external wing
we MUST equip ourselves
we MUST receive the best education
we MUST remake ourselves
we MUST do even better on future occasions
we MUST keep active
we MUST tap [the elder generations’] collective experience
we MUST continue to look after the health
we MUST do our part

I am glad to announce that Singaporeans have risen to the challenge. They were vigilant, psychologically prepared, they kept active and finally did their part for their country when the SMS came that all petrol stations will be offering a 40 percent discount on National Day. They decided to sacrifice watching the fireworks and head for the petrol kiosks. They grew their external wing by spreading the SMS to all their contacts. They equipped themselves with queue-cutting driving skills and even tapped their ah kong’s experience on how to get to the petrol station faster than others. Sadly, the SMS was a hoax but Singaporeans have not given up hope. They will do even better on future occasions and set up a commitee to make sure that the next such incident does not clash with the National Day fireworks.

P.S: Before you walk on the streets of New York and ask someone, “yo brudder…do you think your city has X-factor?”, just make sure you practice your kungfu moves :)

Update 1: Looks like some ppl are taking my comments on the use of "we" instead of "I" as criticism of the gahmen. Aiyoh... its NOT lah, just an observation. Relak....


Blogger FixCon said...

Just reading two of your entries, I've decided to stay and looking forward to hear more from you :) I'll introduce myself. My name is Jason. Nice meeting you.

10:50 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hey jason, thanx... :)

11:04 PM  
Blogger Wynx said...

Very thoughful entry this. We MUST remain Kiasu at all times...Haha

2:23 AM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hey wynx, agree wif you... kiasu-ism is a virtue that we MUST never lose :)

5:48 AM  

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