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Friday, July 01, 2005

Fishing for Compliments

So it’s official. After weeks of annoyingly repeating how our foreign badminton import, Ronald Susilo beat World No.1 Lin Dan of China at the last Olympic Games, our local media have finally woken up to the reality that there is a reason why Lin is World No.1 while Susilo is no. 34. At the Singapore Aviva Open, Lin beat thrashed Susilo 15-6, 15-7. But in our gahmen’s desperate attempt to prove the “foreign-talent scheme” right, they have made Susilo into a demigod. Even when reporting on how Lin beat pounded Susilo in two straight games, the papers never fail to highlight that the Olympic loss for Lin was a “harrowing memory that has remained with him to this day”.

Lin Dan seems to have realized the ‘status’ of Susilo in Singapore. Lin’s reply to the press began....

“It was very important to beat Ronald as I had to show I’m better than him”

This of course, Lin Dan did extremely well. And then the masterstroke followed….

“Although I proved I was better than Ronald, he played at a very high level. Even if I’d lost today, it wouldn’t have mattered as I would have lost to a worthy opponent”

You have just whipped the ass of your opponent and at the end you say that he played at a very high level, what does it show? It just proves that you are really good coz you just beat trounced your challenger. Well, Lin is almost boasting that he won not because Susilo played badly, but because he played a lot lot better - the scoreline speaks for itself! Our local media, who are forever fishing for compliments about their idol, construed this comment as an accolade for Susilo! They preceded Lin’s latter comment with this….

“Using disguised drop shots, cross-court pushes and smashes, Susilo earned the respect of the world’s top-ranked player”

Incidentally, disguised drop shots, cross-court pushes and smashes happen in every other top-level game. And of course, the media also HAD to mention that there were two ministers in the audience, who surprisingly did not shed tears (unlike the semifinal loss of our yet another foreign import table-tennis player at the Olympics)…I wonder why ah…:)


Blogger tausarpiah said...

tsk tsk ... why the cynicism about tears. at least our politicians don't inundate us with them, unlike elsewhere

4:38 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

hahaha...! wows, just that i was really surprised (and prob a bit amused) when the good minister cried at our Olympic loss...its so un-gahmen :p i was thinking mebbe its gonna by a regular occurence after that...:)

7:41 PM  

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