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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Brain Helmets and UFOs

I think the Israelis are brilliant. They have designed a helmet that can make the person who wears it smarter. Not bad huh? Show off in that headdress and you can start thinking like gahmen. I also think they are exceptional because they know exactly where to test out their product…….Singapore!!! The Israelis seem to have discovered our secret. Where else will you find such a dumb population? And that is why they have probably recognized that Singapore can offer them the best test results than any other country.

Sure enough, our local media never fail to prove that we are dorks. They thought that the fact that the Israelis want to promote this product in Singapore is a compliment and so they said, “…Singapore could be one of the first countries to experience this new form of assistive technology”. They probably thought Singapore would one-day become a "helmet hub".

On cue, Singaporeans have begun seeing UFOs. As long as Singaporeans see a light in the sky that is not a plane or a star, they will like it is an alien UFO. As I have said elsewhere, these aliens are probably responsible for the poor eyesight of our kids. Maybe they are also responsible for the bad road drivers here. It has to be some psychic connection wat.... These UFO-seeing-people are actually potential subjects for the new "brain helmet'. Maybe after they wear it, they will realize that the flying objects are actually Superman, Batman and The Human Torch of Fantastic Four fame... :)


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