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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Award for ST and Email Etiquette

I have decided to confer a new award on our well regarded, respected, highly admired newspaper – The Straits Times. To add to their existing awards of design and use of color, they have come up with a novel way of filling up space….drumroll…run the same story more than once!

On page H2 today, The Straits Times ran a story titled “World IP body opens office in S’pore”. And voila, page H22 has an article titled “UN agency WIPO opens office here”. And that’s not all….on page H4, there is news about a “motorist jailed for road rage” and right next to it, the same piece of news is repeated under “punched over parked van”. Great….now I know where the 80 cents I pay for the paper goes….filling up space! Funny dudes….our newspaper editors.

I also realized today that just when Singaporeans start doing the same things differently from one another, there will be forces that work to bring everyone back in line. Take the case of email for instance. It seems that some people find it irritating to read email with caps, emoticons and SMS lingo. And so is born the so-called email etiquette – how to write an email so that everyone will understand what you write.

Maybe next time, I will write to the recipient of my email and ask him/her first if he/she understands the meaning of brb, rotfwl, whether he/she is offended if I write in CAPS and use emoticons in my mail. And based on his/her reply, I will prepare an email in a way he/she will comprehend and not be insulted. And if I am sending the email to twenty people, I will follow the same procedure for each of them. So much for the much-touted Singaporean efficiency….

Grow up people…. stop expecting ME to write to YOU in a way that will not irritate YOU. Its about time YOU make some effort in understanding what I write.


Blogger Heavenly Sword said...

In an e-mail, I think the person writing it should begin with "Dear so-and-so, or at least Hi so-and-so"...At least some form of greeting. But I also noticed that many folks just put "Hi" and then begin their story. I would have preferred "Hi so-and-so" because people do have names; it is more polite to address people by name, is it not?

7:26 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

haha...true, using a 'dear' and a 'hi' is more polite...but detractors will just say - why we so petty wan? just concentrate on the content of the email lah...:)

7:55 PM  

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