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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mobile Food Vans

Our civil service dudes get to attend a lot of courses - do they have one for flexibility and logic? If so, it should be made compulsory. If not, they urgently require one to be put in place. Probably the people at URA need to be the first to attend the course. Coz according to them, mobile food vans will need to leave their car parks when the demand for them is high.

"....we are able to let a small number of mobile food vans to operate during non-peak hours in the morning before 10:30 AM. We are not able to allow food vans to operate beyond these hours as these car parks are well utilized for parking after that. The scheme was specifically introduced to allow mobile food vans in public car parks during periods of low usage only."

Hello? whats the point of allowing a business to run only during low-usage periods? Instead of coming up with this magic time of 10:30 AM, why is it that we cant have some flexibility and allow these mobile food vans to operate until the car parks become full? If a car comes into the parking lot after that, the mobile food van can drive away....because duh, thats what they are.....MOBILE !!


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