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Monday, June 06, 2005

Guests, Maids and Chickening Out

Its amazing how when you have guests at home, you never have the time to even to read the headlines of our esteemed newspapers. But after a week of Singapore sightseeing, its back to keeping my humor levels up by reading the local newspapers. Needless to say, the papers did not disappoint.

If you think Singapore only faces competition from countries like China and India, you cannot be more wrong. Even a country like Cyprus (yeah, better look up the atlas now) can take away something we lurrve very much – no lah, not the gahmen, I’m talking about our domestic helpers (a.k.a maids). All these days, we had to fight with other countries to keep our jobs but now, we also have to struggle to keep our maids. If we do not pay our maids well and give them four days off a month (dunno why they pick on the number 4, they dunno its unlucky meh?), our maids will leave for better paying lands like Cyprus.

Talking about ‘chickening’ from external competition, it also looks like we plan to plug a loophole in the war against avian bird flu by banning chickens on Pulau Ubin. I think I have figured out why the ban has been put in place only for Ubin. If Tekong had such a chicken ban, it could probably mean that very soon, the island would become deserted..:-) If the gahmen imposed a similar chicken ban on the mainland, most of us would have to pack our bags and leave.


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