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Monday, June 20, 2005

GLC's Overseas Troubles

Our GLC’s seem to having some more of the usual trouble they face when they venture overseas. After SIA’s bid for the trans-Atlantic route failed yet again, it’s now the turn of Singtel who was the lowest bidder for a stake in a Pakistan telecom operator. I’m not very sure how well Singtel did their homework as their bid is shocking. The winner, Etisalat’s bid was not ten, not twenty, not thirty, but more than a whopping ONE HUNDRED percent over Singtel’s.

Before the results were announced, our local media were at their usual best. They never fail to highlight at every opportunity they can find to highlight how well our GLC's are doing. Singtel's attempt to gain a share of the Pakistan telecom market was no exception. Our media interviewed so-called experts and analysts who supposedly knew how the bidding works and came up with this lovely headline - "SingTel favourite for Pakistan Telecom stake".

After this, looks like our media have a thing or two to learn (although I am doubtful they will). Our GLC’s too are yet to fully get the hang of the politics behind doing business in the region (about this I am more slightly more optimistic).


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