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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The X-factor Air Terminal and Enviable UK Schools

The Straits Times reports that there is a contest to name the new airport terminal (see The Straits Times, “Low Cost Air Travel Booms in Singapore”, 5 May 2005, p.1). They want to give it some kinda X-factor….

Now we can be rest assured that with this contest there will a rush a letters to the forum with each one explaining why the new name should reflect Singapore or the Uniquely Singapore tagline. The Feedback Unit will be flooded with calls and before you know it, there will a new committee to shortlist the candidates for the new name. Of course, there will also be a SMS voting system similar to Singapore Idol. And last but not the least, there will be a referendum to decide the final name for the terminal because it is an issue related to national security – can you imagine how Singapore will survive without an x-factor name for our new low cost terminal?

Funny how fast people ‘move on’ from the casino ‘debate’.

The Straits Times also reports that school children in the UK watch pornography when their teacher is right behind them (see The Straits Times, “Shocking behavior ‘normal’ in UK schools, 5 May 2005, p.1). They also run around the classroom, talk on their handphones and hide under tables and even suggest sex to the teacher. I can bet that almost all school-going Singaporean boys will hate themselves for not going to these UK schools. Here they are, struggling to finish their homework and mugging for yet another exam, while their counterparts in the UK are having an awesome time.


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