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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Welfare States, Lovely Jobs, Fare Adjustments and Lost Maid

Singapore will never be a welfare state. This is because once welfare policies are in place....drumroll....the economy will spiral downwards, the whole society will be sent backward, the much-loved foreign talent and investments will flock to our neighbours and we will drown in failure. (see The Straits Times, 02 May 2005, “Improving workers’ lives remains top priority”, p.1). Don't you think welfare states like Australia and Denmark have a thing or two to learn from Singapore?

Speaking about jobs, if you had an offer to have your smiling photo on page 2 of the national newspaper along with an article on the company you worked for and were asked whether you found your job boring, would you dare to say YES ??!! (see The Straits Times, 02 May 2005, “Shipyard firms salutes its unsung heroes”, p.2) If you answered that question in the affirmative, you can be rest assured that your photo will not appear even in the classifieds.

Our local newspaper also reports that transport operators are planning to increase transport fares (see The Straits Times, 02 May 2005, “SMRT applies to raise fares”, p.3). I think there is now a new code of conduct for transport operators: Every time you use the word ‘fare’, the word ‘increase’ should never follow. If really necessary, use the word ‘adjustment’.

Still on our esteemed national newspaper, if you are looking for a person with whom you have not had contact with for over 35 years, what do you do? Put an ad on TV? Nope. Put an ad in the newspaper? Naah. Write to the forum editor and in a stroke of genius, your letter will get published under the ‘This & That’ complaints column. (see The Straits Times, 02 May 2005, “Looking for one-time domestic help”, p.H7)


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