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Friday, May 06, 2005

Today 2 Straits Times 0

Today beat the Straits Times 2-0 in a one-off match played on 6 May 2005. Today ran a report on an open forum with our Prime Minister that was featured on Channelnewsasia the previous day (see Today, “Dealing with the political Singaporean, 6 May 2005, p.1). Albeit late, it also featured a report on A*Star threatening to sue a blogger (who uses the pseudonym Acid Flask) after the dude disparaged the agency’s scholarship system and policies (see Today, "Student shuts blog after A*Star threatens to sue", 6 May 2005, p.4).

The Straits Times on the other hand, didn’t even mention these two reports. Yes, I know that Channelnewasia and Today both belong to the same family, Mediacorp but hey, if that is going to stop The Straits Times from running the former story, it’s a sad state of affairs.

By the way, here is today’s thought of the day from the first report in Today – “…if you don’t agree with the government and you think the government is wrong, then the way to do it is to go into the arena and say: I believe this, he’s mistaken, lets argue it out”. Remember hor, it does NOT say you should vote the Government out. You argue your case by giving feedback and the elected body will make the final decision. I thought you would appreciate the clarification :p

And if you are interested, read the other side of the blogger story


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