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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Settling for 2nd Best and Naive Civil Servants

Oh my God !! Oh my God !! It can’t be happening…. It looks like we are actually settling for 2nd best. We supposedly missed out the chance to host the Formula 1 race and now we seem to be ok with holding some A1 race (see The Straits Times, “No F1? A1 may be ok”, 18 May 2005, p.3).

I can’t believe it. We are actually accepting that Malaysia beat us. We are actually admitting that our neighbors up north were able to capture a big slice of the F1 money spinner - and all that remains for us are the leftovers. But...but... isn't our reputation built on taking competition head on. Look at how we are lobbying the Oz government to grant us flying rights across the Pacific. Somehow we seem a spent force when it comes to lobbying the FIA to have a F1 race here.

Well, it looks like we have been brought down to Earth….finally!

Talking about getting people back to Earth, it also looks like some casino tycoon is calling our civil servants unsophisticated. How can? This is happening at a time when we are thinking of setting up a consultancy to tap on the expertise of retired civil servants (see The Straits Times, “Govt may set up advisory body to sell S’pore know-how”, 18 May 2005). This kind of thing can sue or not hor? heheh


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