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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Self-Praise and Gender Equality

Until now, I thought that the Singapore newspapers are my daily dose of humor. But today, I realized that they are capable of a lot more. The Straits Times Forum has a letter in response to recent piece on the controversy over Japanese textbooks. The title of the letter is “Quality article sets ST apart as opinion leader” (see letter to The Straits Times forum, 19 May 2005, p.H9). When I read the letter, I almost choked on my breakfast this morning. This kind of letter how can publish? I know self-criticism is hard to come by but how can a newspaper publish self-praise? Opinion leader? ROFWL…. next time I must remember never to eat and read the papers at the same time.

Before the choking incident, I also read that we are going to bring a steamy French cabaret to town. It looks like Singapore is getting more and more ‘socially open’. First, there was the Neptune Theatre where topless acts are allowed. Next, bar-top dancing was permitted and touted as a sign that Singapore was ‘opening up’. Soon after, the ban on the Cosmopolitan magazine was lifted. Thanks to its cover, FHM is also probably doing brisk sales. Now, a cabaret from Paris will be coming to town. No lah, I’m not complaining….. am all for more such nude shows and magazines...heheh!

But all these cases involve a degree of nudity … of women. Funny hor, but we seem to be gauging our social openness depending on how much we accept the nudity of the female form. But talk about the same nudity in men…kenna ban, kenna AIDS, kenna bad influence, kenna conservative society (for the record, I’m straight). But I wonder whether we are being sexist? Are we really socially open if we ban gay parties on Sentosa giving the very same nudity factor as the reason? Yes, we have been a patriarchic society….but is that the way we want to continue to be in future?


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