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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hubba, Bubba, Hubba, Bubba….

It looks like we are desperately seeking the next big hubba bubba thing. In our rather over-zealous effort, we are now the next New Age hub (see The Straits Times, “Singapore: A New Age hub too?”, 21 May 2005, p.S26). Wonder who came up with that name? But hey, do we Singaporeans care what the name of the hub is?….. we only ask ourselves some very simple questions:

- Does it make money? Will it give me jobs? Will it add to the GDP? Will it maintain political stability?

If the answer to ALL of them is an yes, then we are a HUB. But sometimes our hub status can be in danger. Yeah, I’ve also just come to know that we were once a sex-change hub (see The Sunday Times, “Singapore was a sex-change hub”, 22 May 2005, p.L5), before we lost out to Bangkok.

Maybe hor, we should try and get the hub status back. Did you say no demand in Singapore? Think again… in Singapore, we can always generate demand. For instance, you know all those gays here who the gahmen are really concerned about….. how about we change one of the gay partners into women? Then we can all go back to be being the straight-laced society we are.


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