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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Here we go again…..

*Click*, *Click*, *Click*…..I was channel surfing this afternoon waiting for the Formula 1 Grand Prix qualifying session to begin. Next thing I know, I am watching this movie and a scene where one guy admits to his friend (who is also his housemate) that he is a homosexual……well, what if something like that happened here? How would we react? *Shudder*… Thanks to the ‘impeccable’ reporting of our newspapers (see for instance, The Straits Times, “Worrying increase in teen HIV cases”, 21 May 2005, p.1), there now exists a stereotype about homosexuals and AIDS.

“You not straight ah? Wahliao, how lydat? You kenna AIDS, then how?...... kano, kano, I tell you oredi what…how can you stay here? My gahmen say, people like you hor, need to get tested. What? You don’t have HIV? Kano bee….you sure you test properly or not? Maybe hor, the doctor arso gay like you….you go other hospital and test again ok? You sure have one…

In the movie, the housemate said… “hey, you don’t have to be so apologetic….we’re still friends and you can still stay here”. We have a loooooooong way to go before we get there.

Talking about stereotyping, I was enlightened when I read about the con men from China (see The Sunday Times, “Teen girls targeted in ATM, phone scam”, 22 May 2005, p.3). Last week, it was the wicked China wife. This week, it’s the China man. The ‘brilliantly’ written article says that the con men were “believed to be Chinese nationals”. So you don’t know whether they really are Chinese nationals. You just make out from the country they are supposedly calling to con their victims and probably from their accent. But really, how in the world does the nationality of these conmen matter? Even if they are from Singapore, conmen are conmen are conmen.


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