t Double Yellow's Musings: DISCLAIMER
The warped mind of Double Yellow craves for humor everyday. His daily dose comes from The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, Today, Channelnewsasia, etc. He also thinks that because of this preamble, this blog will never get featured in the local media. And of course, please read the Disclaimer before embarking on the journey.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


As a "mature and responsible" blog, I obviously have to start with a disclaimer. Before you even think about it, let me make it extremely clear that the intention of this blog is NOT to defame anybody with the exception of one person - ME ! This blog is just a random collection of thoughts that cross through my warped mind when I see life around me. It is not intended to offend anyone. And before I forget, this is a personal blog. It has nothing to do with my professional life (assuming of course that I have one!) and vice-versa. Now re-read this disclaimer till you can say it by heart.