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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Disagreements, Statistics and Exotic Dancing

This Labor Day in Singapore has at least two firsts.

Other than it being my first official blog entry, it also happens to be to the first time where an official has disagreed with Prime Minister in the same news article….yeah, you read right! The Sunday Times (01 May 2005, p.3) quotes the PM as saying “NTUC Club would close shop” without the millions earned in revenue from jackpot machines. A few sentences after, it quotes the chief executive of NTUC Club as saying “if these machines were taken away abruptly, I wouldn’t say we would have close, but the whole business model will have to change”. Ooooh…..not bad huh? Just to be on the safe side, I would make sure I have filed my taxes for this year…..and also run a check for all previous years!

The same article also goes on to say that Singaporeans spent $600 million on slot machines – something that is equal to 1/3rd of the health budget or the cost of 800 Ferrari cars. Now that is the kind of statistics that means….ummmm, nothing. Does it mean the amount of money I pay at hospitals will decrease? No. Does it mean that I will get at least Ferrari car or even a test drive in one? No. One lesson to be learnt though….statistics are useful if you want to fill up space.

All those who have also noticed that The Sunday Times is of late competing with The New Paper, hands up! Yeah, the picture accompanying the “Look at what they are teaching at your CC” headline (01 May 2005, p.1) is so....New Paper!! For the benefit of those who never got to read the article because of the drool, it’s about the teaching of exotic dancing at Kreta Ayer and Bishan CCs. The dance instructor is quoted as saying “exotic dancing is not sleazy. The moves accentuate a woman’s curves and are an expression of a woman’s femininity and confidence. It’s also about fitness training”(p.8). I totally agree !! Anyone who says exotic dancing is sleazy needs to have his brain checked. Can anyone please tell me whether these CCs have a viewing gallery?


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