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Friday, May 13, 2005

Apologies, Kindness, Working Life and Retail Malls

Let me begin by unreservedly apologizing for my blog entry. Why am I saying sorry? Not sure exactly but just in case.

The Today forum is very instructive today! See for instance the letter on page 26. No lah, I’m talking about the one regarding political visions for Singapore. If I were so powderful so as to change the political landscape in Singapore (my apologies again….unreservedly of course), I don’t think I will be here blogging stuff like this. I’m talking about the letter next to that…the one where we can learn about kindness from…. ….. Amazing Race! Maybe hor, we should make the race winners (who according to the letter writer were really kind and a “joy to watch”) ambassadors to promote kindness in Singapore – yes, you guessed right…don't be surprised if another campaign comes our way.

There is also a new contest to promote work-life harmony. The problem you see is that these days, work and life are in conflict. In our desperate goal of trying to have a life with no work, we are working like we have no life. So there needs to be a balance. As soon as the 'problem' has been identified, we know what to do like well-oiled Singaporeans. (1) maybe a committee to look into the matter. (2) ...that will come up with a recommendation that public participation is necessary for this important work-life issue. (3) How best engage the public engaged into the decision-making process?...have a contest. Here is a tip if you want to win the contest...don't send in your entry at 10 PM from your office PC.

Did you hear about the retail mall in the UK, partly owned by GIC has banned swearing and hooded tops? That is really amazing…maybe they should also (1) ban chewing gum (2) ban littering (3) ban spitting and (4) ban eating and drinking for the convenience of all shoppers (5) stand behind the yellow line. All these measures are necessary so that the shopping centre can get the much sought after X factor.

By the way, have I apologized unreservedly oredi?


Blogger Heavenly Sword said...

A friend of mine once said, "You work so that you can continue to survive so that you can continue to work..." Quite true!

9:47 PM  
Blogger doubleyellow said...

sigh...singapore is still so caught up in the 'how-much-$$-am-i-gonna-make-today' mentality. Not sure if we will ever change...

10:58 PM  

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